Friday, October 17, 2008

Flood Relief work from PURNEA

Dear Sir,
Our flood relief work is going on in Murliganj Block of Madhepuradistrict. Today I have got a digital still camera here. Friday is myoff day so I will go to Purnea and will also visit to Mruliganj Block.Our volunteers are making arrangement for distribution in Murliganjbecause we have lack of materials and the demand is in bulk. Anywaywith the support of some local youth we are managing everything. Wehave distributed 260 kits (5kg Rice, 2kg pulse, 500 gm Biscuits, 1pack candle, two piece match box, 1 kg salt) on 4tha and 5th october2008 very successfully.
Now we are distributing another kit in 500 family. This kit is made of1 torch with battery, 1 blanket, 1 new saree, 1 Aluminium Handi, 1Steel Thali and 1 plastic glass. All these things will be provided byGOONJ.
In coming days, we will distribute 500 piece TENT with the support of GOONJ.
We are also collecting waste cloth for winter. we are trying toprovide needle and thik thread (Sui-dhaga) to women for preparingbed with wastage cloths. You know in coming 15 days, they will shiverfrom cold. So we are trying to save them from this cold with our bestpossible.
We are very grateful to GOONJ founder director Mr. Anshu Gupta and AMPgen. sec. Mr KN Jha. GOONJ is providing us material continuously. SriKN Jha has also given us material watever AMP collected. Ms. PinkyKumari and Mr. Alok Kumar is conduction relief work here verysuccessfully.
I hope we will get some winter cloths especially for baby and baby food also..

With best regards,

Vinay Tarun

Copy Editor, Hindustan Daily, Bhagalpur - 09234702353

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