Thursday, February 9, 2012 पर महेंद्र भटनागर की कविताएँ अंग्रेजी में...

Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar


Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar bears the identity of a well known bilingual (Hindi & English) poet in the country and abroad. His poems are translated and published not only in most of the Indian languages, but in foreign languages too, viz. English, French, Japanese, Nepali, Urdu etc. He has been an eminent Professor of Hindi and was retired in 1984 from the prestigious institute, Govt. Kamalaa Raajaa Girls Post-Graduate College (Jiwaji University), Gwalior. Though retired some twenty-five years back, he is not tired of mind, even at the age of more than eighty-three years.

A simple man by nature, Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar is keen to solve every problem of his fellow human beings. He has a sensitive heart and a proficient mind to feel and meditate on the social and human activities and changes taking place with the course of time.

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